Living Box to Box

Living Box to Box

Friday, June 24, 2016

Stitch Fix #15: June 2016

I received my usual "Have anything to tell your stylist" email the other day and as I was writing my note to Kristen I realized I never posted my last fix. So, here it is, a bit late. Even though it arrived early, as usual :)

This is fix number 15 for me and I had said I wanted sequined items. Unfortunately, all the ones I had pinned were more winter/fall items and Kristen wasn't able to find any of them. She did, however, find a few things similar to items I had been asking for. *Just a note* The lighting was really weird the day I was taking my pictures so sorry for the funny faces. I know a few of the pictures look like I'm making a goofy face but I'm just squinting from the sun in my eyes..

Loveappella Haris Bow Detail Knit Top - I love the idea of this shirt and the colors were perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. I really liked this top when I pulled it out of the box but felt it just wasn't working on my once I got it on. I love the bow detail but feel maybe it would be better with a bow on each side or perhaps one in the back. Just didn't love the single bow.

Pixley Layda Crochet Top - I know lots of people are raving about this top on the boards right now but I just wasn't feeling it. It felt a bit heavy and bulky with the cami to me. I really did like the crochet detail of the shirt though.

Renee C Alexia Printed Skirt  - I love the bright, bold print of this skirt. It's so fun and leaves it open to so many fun outfit ideas. However, I'm more of a subtle prints or solids kind of girl....

Skies are Blue Bowes Button Down Top - This is a classic chambray shirt. It's super comfy and the perfect length for tucking in.

Everly Jonetta Romper - I'm not gonna lie. When I first seen this, I thought what the heck but once I tried it on, I really liked it. I wasn't too sure about the print as I feel it's a bit older than my taste and it was a bit difficult to get in and out of. Plus it gave a bit of a wedgie when I lifted my arms. However, I did really like it. It was very pretty.

The Breakdown if you’re following along, here is what I decided to keep from my June Stitch Fix shipment: Haris Bow Detail Knit Top from Loveappella -- RETURN, Layda Crochet Top from Pixley  -- RETURN, Alexia Printed Skirt from Renee C-- RETURN,  Bowes Button Down Top from Skies are Blue -- KEEP, Jonetta Romper from Everly -- RETURN

This is probably the least amount of items I've kept from a fix since Kristen has been my stylist. Just goes to show that they can't all be 5/5s but I did still love my 1 item I kept and I still love StitchFix and Kristen. Cant wait till my next fix!!

Try Stitch Fix and Change the Way You Shop for Clothes

Now that you’ve seen what arrived in my June Stitch Fix shipment, let me fill you in on this amazing personal styling service. Stitch Fix delivers clothes direct to your door that are hand-picked just for you. Getting started is easy. Just complete your FREE style profile. There is no commitment and no need to purchase anything when you fill out your style profile. When you are ready, you can schedule a fix. For a $20 styling fee, you will be matched with your own personal stylist who will review your style profile and select five items just for you and ship them directly to your home. Shipping is free and you have three days to try the items on in the comfort of your own home. I love using the time to mix and match pieces with items I already own so I have a clear idea of how I would wear the item. Keep the items you love, check out online and return any unwanted pieces in the prepaid shipping envelope that is included in your fix. Returns are free too.

When you check out, you can schedule your next fix or wait a while and manually schedule a fix when you are ready for your next shipment of clothes. You have the option of using Stitch Fix as a subscription service or as a special treat once in a while. You can even request an outfit for an upcoming special occasion, such as a wedding or a vacation. You can personalize your Stitch Fix experience even further by setting price limits or informing your stylist that you don’t want a certain type of clothes (such as dresses or outerwear). Stitch Fix allows you to completely customize your experience.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix and are ready to give it a try, sign up using my referral link, by clicking here. I receive a small commission each time someone signs up using my link.

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